As many of you know we are about to build our own house. We will hopefully update you here with the progress..



1 August 2005

Today we signed away the next 30 years of our lives... That was a funny feeling, but at least we now own our own house... Sort of, at least a couple of the door knobs...

15 July 2005

Oops, forgot to update the English translation.. Well, the house is almost done now. All the siding is done, the inside has been painted several times (and the paint ruined too), the vinyl has been laid, the gutters and downspouts installed, the deck has been built, the countertops are in, the A/C works, some of the doors have been installed, lots more....

17 June 2005

This week they started putting up the siding. Inside the walls got the first coat of paint, and the first paneling was installed. 

10 June 2005

This week all of the insulation and the drywalls were installed

3 June 2005

The driveway and sidewalk have been poured, all electric wires installed, and the aircondition is well on the way.

1 June 2005

A lot happened today, so take a look in the photo album. Today they started wiring the house and installing outlets and fixtures, they started the duct work for the A/C, they prepared the garage for pouring the floor, and they prepared the step for the front door.

25 May 2005

Today the roof was covered with tarpaper, the basement floor was poured, and the windows mounted.

May 18 2005

Now we have a first floor too!

May 17 2005

Now they started on the walls in the basement. 

May 16 2005

Today they put in the base for the basement floor, and delivered the wood for the framing.

May 13 2005

Now the insulation has been installed and the hole has been filled

May 10 2005

Now the form is gone, and the wall tarred.

May 9 2005

Today they erected the form for the foundation, and poured the concrete.

May 6 2005

The footing has been poured

May 5 2005

Today they dug out for the foundation and the basement.

May 4 2005

Our realtor called us today.. To make shure that they will be done with the house on August 1'st they will start digging tomorrow!

May 3 2005

Here you can see the final plan of our house. We only need to hand the signed planes back in and on monday they start!

May 2 2005

The lot is chosen and a reservation is put on it. on May 3 we are going to the final meetings and for signing the contract. From there the plan is that they are going to start the weej after.
Look  here to see where the lot is (Maryland nr. 6)

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