Det er mig!Here is what I could think of about myself.. 

My name is Daniela, but most friends call me Dannie. I live i Ames, Iowa USA together with my husband  Lars  and our two beautiful boys Lukas (Oktober 2002) and Ruben (April 2004)

Actually I'm not as danish as many people think I'm a german citicen but have been part of the Danish minority in northern Germany since kindergarden. . I went to a school in a little town called Friedrichstadt and moved to a bigger city called Husum where I finished 10'th grade.

With time I tried a lot of things, such as ping pong, playing music instruments, playing basket and badminton. But scouting and dancing folkdance were the things I kept doing.

well, after I finished the 10'th grade in Husum I took a year on a scout boarding school. The scool is called spejderefterskolen. This is where I got the last 'finish' on my danish.

We moved to USA because Lars got a great job offer and because we felt like trying something new. But we waitetd a long time before we got here.. In the time we waited we had Lukas, and Ruben was born in the US a month after we moved here.

We lived in USA since March 2'nd 2004 and for how long will we stay?? We still don't know.. as long as we feel like staying here..
We just started the greencard proces and hopefully in about a year (March/April 2006) I get a working permission too!

We also are just about to start building our own house, you can read more about the progress under Housebuilding in the menu..


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