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Friday 13 June 2008 - 23:05 RSS Link Lars Althof

I know it, we keep forgetting to write something in English. Well, it isn't because nothing is happening. Ames has been flooded at various levels for two weeks now, and the rest of Iowa is just getting hit this week.

We have had a lot of severe weather too this past couple of weeks, with rain, thunder storms, and tornadoes every day. Thankfully we haven't been hit very bad ourselves. The worst that happened to us was that our AC unit was about to get washed away, because we didn't design our flower bed correctly last year. Well, we got that fixed, and now we spent the past couple of days on putting in another flower bed in front of the house.

First remove the grrass and plant the bushes

Put on the weed barrier

Add rocks

Add a couple more plants and voila

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