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Saturday 05 April 2008 - 20:40 RSS Link Lars Althof

After getting back, the daily routine started again, I started travelling to my customers and the boys started pre-school. Daniela seems to have found lots of new ways to spend time while the boys are out. I have been to Texas twice, Florida once, and Las Vegas once, all for work of course.

This week was Ruben's birthday, I cannot believe he is four years old already. We celebrated with some of his classmates, and had a lot of fun. Ruben got a lot of Legos and Hot Wheels, so he is a happy little boy.

Yesterday Xander and I took Daniela to the airport, and sent her on her way to Singapore to visit Helle and Joydeep, so now it is just me and the boys. We have had a lot of fun today, even if I do feel like I am coming down with something again.

On Tuesday my parent will arrive to relieve me, well, and to be with their grand children, I suppose. I look forward to that, sitting here alone in the evenings isn't as fun as you might think.

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