EnglishA good start to the week.
Monday 02 May 2011 - 21:20 RSS Link Lars Althof

Is off to a good start on the week. On Friday I had to leave the bike on the far side of the sound because the ferry went on a rescue in the fjord. I was able to get a lift the long way around, but no room for the bike. This morning I had forgotten all about that, so I was somewhat surprised to see an empty space in the bicycle stand as I was about to take off for work... Needless to say that Daniela was.. uhm... less that happy about having to drive me to the ferry because it was now too late to walk. I do appreciate her doing that

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Flemming Hansen Saturday 25 June 2011
Sorry to hear about your bike trouble, just as well Daniela didn't tell you to get on your bike !!!! All well in Scotland, new colours on nail varnish for the modern woman. Perth is the place for nail varnish, have you considered visiting ? You could try my e-mail address [Address deleted on purpose]
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